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were 95 new domestic confirmed cases announced yesterday (27th).

In particular, at Sindorim Station in Seoul, where 390,000 passengers are used to transfer passengers a day, 8 environmental cleansers were confirmed as being confirmed.

This is reporter Kim Do-gyun.


Sindorim Station where you can transfer between Seoul Subway Lines 1 and 2 and Gyeongbu Line.

In front of the ticket gates, some of the station facilities have been closed.

[In the event of a confirmed case, emergency quarantine is provided, so please use the subway with confidence...


Eight employees of the Seoul Transportation Corporation subsidiary in charge of cleaning here have been confirmed as corona19.

[Seoul Guro-gu Office officials: A total of 17 people were examined, and 8 people, including Guro (confirmed), were confirmed, and the remaining 9 were negative.)] The

quarantine authorities said that they ate together in an enclosed resting area while eating with Corona. It is believed that 19 has been propagated.

However, it was found that there was no worrisome contact with ordinary passengers or station attendants.

[Seoul City official: Fortunately, it appears that you are wearing a mask well.

As for passengers and passers-by, there is no significant overlap of traffic lines until now. (I found out.) A

family member of the staff was also confirmed, and there were 9 confirmed cases.

Group infections in the metropolitan area continue, with 5 additional persons related to the Day Care Center in Dobong-gu, Seoul, 6 related to a real estate company in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and one related to the Gyeyang-gu church in Incheon.

The quarantine authorities said last week that the proportion of non-symptomatic patients among confirmed patients in Seoul was over 30%, and asked for more thorough compliance with the quarantine guidelines, especially in the metropolitan area.