It is news that people who have drunk and drove are likely to do it again next time.

At that time, even though the accident happened and the license was revoked, they did not realize the danger and drink and grab the steering wheel.

Statistics for five years were followed up.

This is Yoo Deok-ki.

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rainy day, a vehicle crossing two highways.

He finds a fork in a late, hasty lane change, and hits a car running in the next lane.

You may rush to the bus stop by the central bus car.

It is an accident caused by drivers whose alcohol consumption measurements are at the level of license cancellation.

After the driver's license was revoked due to drunk driving, we investigated the crackdown and accident history of the driver group who obtained the license again and the driver group who received the new license for five years.

The proportion of drivers who had their licenses canceled and re-acquired due to drunk driving were also caught in a drinking crackdown at 14%, nearly three times higher than those of new license holders.

In particular, 11.4% of the re-acquired licenses had their licenses canceled again due to drunk driving.

It is 10 times the cancellation rate for new license holders.

The probability of accidents was also more than twice as high among reacquirers.

It is pointed out that the education and method of re-acquiring a license should be strengthened because the addiction of drinking and the possibility of recurrence of drunk driving is high.

In the United States and Europe, you must complete an education program for at least three months, and some even require a cure for alcohol addiction.

It is much more difficult than in Korea, where you only need 6 to 16 hours of education.

[Lim Chae-Hong/Samsung Traffic Safety Research Institute Principal Researcher: Drunk driving is accompanied by addiction, so'I will fix it with short-term punishment or short-term education' is a bit limited…


There is also an opinion that a driver with a history of drunk driving should also use a locking device that prevents the engine from starting when drinking alcohol.

(Video editing: Seung-yeol Lee, CG: Seung-Hyun Seo and So-min Um, screen provided by: Samsung Transportation Safety Research Institute)