The digital prison, which was controversial with'private sanctions' by disclosing the identity of the criminal in the violent case, was resurrected by moving its address two days after the Korea Communications Deliberation Committee took measures to block access.

Today (26th) afternoon, the digital prison can be accessed through a different Internet address (URL).

If you access the existing digital prison address, you will be directed to the Blocking Information page of the Guardian.

This homepage has been relocated from the existing digital prison, and the design as well as the posted criminal's personal information is the same as the existing homepage.

However, a new guide was posted on the main screen stating, "Check Instagram and Twitter for the new digital prison address."

In addition, a new menu called'How to use when blocking access' has been created, and we have also announced countermeasures in case the site is blocked again.

Yesterday (on the 24th), the National Guard decided to block access to the site, saying that the act of posting personal information while digital prisons illegally or abused the current judicial system could result in double punishment or innocent victims that are difficult to reverse.

(Photo = Digital prison capture, Yonhap News)