The National Movement for the New Korea (New Korea), an organization that foretold the opening car rally, urged the resignation of Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae in downtown Seoul today (26th) and held a copper parade condemning the government's anti-crazy policy .

According to the police, the new Korea held demonstrations in five sections near Mapo Reservoir Parking Lot, Sadang Public Parking Lot, Subway Dobongsan Station, Sinseol-dong Station, and Gubeundari Station from 2pm, with no more than 9 vehicles participating.

There were no traffic jams as the number of vehicles participating in each demonstration was around 5 or so.

The group held a similar car parade a week ago.

In a phone call with the media before the demonstration, Choi Myung-jin said, "I don't even sound a horn and just plug a flag into my car. I have 9 cars per route, but I will divide them into 5 and 4 cars as ordered by the police." There will be nothing to cause civil discomfort.”

The police approved the assembly considering the fact that vehicles participating in the Car Parade do not enter downtown Seoul on this day, but the vehicle assembly held on the opening day will be installed as a triple checkpoint to block vehicle entry.

In this regard, Secretary-General Choi emphasized the legitimacy of the vehicle rally, saying, "How many cars are passing in the city center, and cars passing by just spread the corona 19 virus?"

He said, "I will file a lawsuit against the ban on assembly at the Seoul Administrative Court the day after tomorrow (28th)."