Chinese "Auchan" launches the "X5" sports crossover

The "X5" draws its power on a four-cylinder engine.

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"Auchan", a subsidiary of the Chinese automobile industry, "Changan", launched its brand new model "X5", which belongs to the compact crossover category, and carries a mixture of Italian, British and German design spirit.

The exterior design of the X5 is in line with the sporty identity to which the car belongs, and is similar in many of its features to those of the Italian Maserati Levante and the British Jaguar F-Pace, especially at the front and rear lines.

The European design spirit continued to impose its presence on the interior sector, as the interior courtyard was blessed with lines derived from the German BMW models, which are based on two large screens in the dashboard: the first for the instrument panel, and the second for the central control unit for the car's functions, including The audio and navigation systems.

The cabin also had a three-spoke sports wheel, on both sides of which included the control buttons that the driver needed to access the car's systems, while the center console and transmission armrest were designed to match the sporty character of the car.

The X5 relies on extracting its power on a four-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that produces 180 horsepower and 300 Nm of maximum torque, which is transmitted to the front axle through an automatic dual-clutch gearbox. Made up of seven speeds.