A life-size replica of the Gundam robot made its first steps in Japan -


The wisest among us will no doubt remember this Japanese animated series from the 80s featuring giant robots, Gundam.

It deeply marked the horizon of Japanese anime, becoming a real phenomenon in the country.

His birthdays are celebrated with great fanfare in Japan.

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, a life-size replica of the Gundam robot was built.

A feat that had already been achieved ten years earlier, for the 30 years of the series, but in this case, the robot is "functional".

The Gundam Factory in Yokohama has indeed seen the big picture and especially wanted to surpass the 19-meter-high robot built in the student district of Obaida, in 2010.

The 40-year-old robot in the series is “only” 18 meters tall and weighs 25 tons of metal, but each of its joints can move.

The Gundam robot can therefore move and perform different movements such as walking or pointing the hand towards the sky.

An unusual feat which is the fruit of several years of work in the port of Tokyo.

Already this summer, the metal giant had sketched some leg movements, but it was only very recently that Gundam took its first steps in the framework of the latest tests.

A special receptionist

A video posted on Twitter shows Gundam at work.

He takes a few steps before kneeling and returning to his original place.

The sequence is actually rather slow.

The video is indeed broadcast at x4 speed, but the feat remains impressive.

All the joints can indeed move and the robot even waves to “the crowd”.

So of course, we are still far from the autonomous robots of Gundam or the Transformers - the robot does indeed seem to be supported by a support at the back -, but given the threat they represent in series and films on mechs, this may not be worse.

The inauguration of the life-size robot Gundam was scheduled for October, but the event has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic on an as yet unknown date.

However, it should stay a year at the port of Tokyo to accommodate foreign ships.



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