Epic Games, Spotify, and a range of other tech companies have formed a coalition to enforce "fairer policies" in the app stores, especially Apple's.

The Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) announced this on Thursday.

According to a statement by the coalition, Apple has for years been guilty of imposing "heavy and arbitrary" demands on developers in the App Store.

In addition to Epic Games and Spotify, Basecamp, Blockchain.com, mail provider Protonmail and the European publishing association EPC also join the coalition.

The CAF has placed a dozen requirements on the site.

Among other things, they want developers to no longer be forced to use a particular app store per se, and that developers have the same access to information and systems as the owner of the app store.

Also, an app store owner should not misuse data collected about a developer, CAF writes.

The coalition wants it to be allowed to set up its own app stores in addition to that of the platform owner - something that Epic Games has wanted for some time.

Apple typically emphasizes the company's quality control over all apps in the App Store as the primary reason for its policy.

For example, the company would have banned a million apps from the app store because of "malicious content".

In recent years there have been more complaints about Apple's app store policy.

Among other things, the 30 percent commission that the platform charges on digital purchases is seen as a problem.