Amazon announced its plans for the new cloud gaming service Luna on Thursday.

The service uses Amazon Web Services data centers to stream games directly to your screen, so you don't have to download anything.

The company is thus following in the footsteps of Google (Stadia) and Microsoft (xCloud).

Luna will initially come with access to

Control, Resident Evil 7, GRID, Yooka-Laylee

and The Impossible Lair

, and

Brothers: Tales of Two Sons


A special Ubisoft channel will also be added later this year to which users can subscribe.

This allows them, among other things, to play Ubisoft games on the day they are released worldwide.

According to Amazon, more theme channels will soon follow for different publishers and game makers.

The company also provides its own controller, which connects directly to the cloud to minimize the delay in playing.

Users can now request early access to the service.

This will cost $ 6 a month in the first months.

The controller costs $ 60.

European prices are not yet known.