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eating out culture has changed a lot with Corona.

There are fewer customers who eat in stores and demand for packaging and delivery has increased. There are restaurants that are looking for change to keep pace with this trend, but there are many self-employed people who are not.

We will also share the results of our polls on eating out to citizens.

This is Choi Jae-young and Son Hyeong-an.

<Reporter Choi Jae-young> There

is no customer, only delivery space.

The freshly roasted food is put in a packaging container, and the deliverymen who receive the food come and go diligently.

[Lim Chang-min / Franchise restaurant manager: Offline is not like before, while delivery is certainly impressive...

] The

shared kitchen opened last year.

At first, it was mainly used by small businesses, but after Corona, even large restaurants with stores on the street have joined and used it as a delivery kitchen.

[Jung-yi Choi/CEO of a shared kitchen company: (Last year) 70% were private businesses.

The contractee.

However, in the case of the ○○ stores that opened this year, on the contrary, nearly 70% of them were corporations.]

Restaurants that already have capital put a lot of money into building delivery systems in line with consumer changes.

As a result of the SBS poll, 8 out of 10 consumers responded that eating out was reduced compared to before the coronavirus.

The most common reason was that they wanted to avoid contact with people because of corona, at 63%.

This trend is unlikely to end soon.

Even after corona calm, 40% of respondents said they would eat out less often than before.

[Choi Jeong-i/CEO of a shared kitchen company: Wouldn't it be more appropriate to eat outside food (at home) instead of eating out?] The

reality that the definition of eating out has changed, what will happen to those restaurants we know Is it?

<Reporter Son Hyung-an>

This homemade brewery recently started delivery.

In consideration of the atmosphere where many people are reluctant to gather at once, we have started a roadblock and delivery service.

[Kang Jong-heon/Director of K Startup Research Institute: Beer has a noisy atmosphere, different from soju, and the feeling of having a pleasant drink while chatting with people...

(But you don't mean to bring that beer home?) Take it.]

Even if consumers eat out, they prefer small size, but 33.3% of the respondents said that 3 or less people were adequate, and that it is okay to gather 5 or more people. Was only 15.2%.

The smaller the restaurant, the less it can do in the corona era.

The plastic dividers for this sushi restaurant are one of them.

[Kim Hyun-woong/President of a sushi restaurant: This partition is a line of rice for me.

I was wondering if there is anything that can be safely

eaten because even one of the customers will come


This is because restaurant users have a clear tendency to change the criteria for choosing a restaurant from the taste of food to hygiene and quarantine.

[Ja-Hyun Yoon/ Dongjak-gu, Seoul: (Because of the corona) I’m not going to a restaurant because I’m careful.

However, there is a partition, so I feel a little relieved.] Not

everyone can adapt to change.

This pub, which is in the midst of demolition work, will eventually close after 7 years of business.

In the next few months, as sales fell unknowingly and debt accumulated, I couldn't even try to change.

[Closed restaurant owner: (Now) What sales do you have?

There is nothing...

I will shake my hand and go out.

When it comes to being...

Now I can't see any hope.]

[Park Je-won/Representative of the demolition company: It's Zuldosan.

Countermeasures must be taken for this.

If the countermeasures do not come out, small business owners will continue to lose money.

From now on.]

The proportion of small self-employed in Korea is 25%.

The perceived economic index of self-employed restaurant owners is the lowest since 2015.

[Kim So-young/Professor, Seoul National University Economics Department: There seems to be an additional aspect of concern that self-employed people, who had been difficult, are becoming insolvent.

Self-employed people may find it relatively much more difficult to recover later if they suffer a lot of losses.] The

unfamiliar eating out culture that Corona 19 has changed.

It threatens the self-employed, the weakest actor in our economy.

(Video coverage: Lee Byeong-ju, Joo Yong-jin, video editing: Park Ki-deok, CG: Hong Seong-yong, Choi Jae-young, Kim Min-ah, Lee Ye-jeong, Seong Jae-eun, VJ: Jung Young-sam, Jeong Han-wook, Kim Cho-ah) 

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