Google removed a number of Streetview images of the Australian rock formation Uluru on Wednesday, Australian news channel




The Australian government had asked for this because the mountain is a sacred place for the indigenous people.

Uluru is also known by the western name Ayers Rock and was climbed by tourists until last year.

However, the indigenous Anangu people see the rock as a sacred place that should not be entered just like that.

Since the nineties, signs have been placed near the rock asking not to climb on the rock.

Parks Australia, the Australian Nature Reserve, made the decision in 2017 that the rock would become off-limits from 2019 to respect the wishes of the Anangu.

It was still possible to 'climb' the rock digitally, because tourists had posted photos on Google Streetview.

Google tells the Australian


that it deleted those photos on Wednesday.

The images can still be seen from the Netherlands at the moment.

It may take 24 hours before the change is actually noticeable in Streetview, Google told