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mysterious registration was delivered to Shincheonji Daejeon Church.

There was a threatening letter in it asking to deposit 1.4 billion won to avoid the tragedy along with the poisonous cyanide.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Cho Hye-won of TJB.


At around 5:47 pm on the evening of last Monday, a 112 report was filed stating that there was a suspicious registration at the main gate of the Matthias Temple of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daejeon.

Inside the register, there was an envelope with a size of 4cm in width and height with white powder, along with a USB and a letter, and a church official who confirmed this was reported to the police.

[Nearby eyewitness: Come by mail to investigate.

(Police and fire fighting) We are all here.

An ambulance is also coming.

I've been there for a while.

About 4 hours in the evening.] The

police requested a joint response from the 119 Special Rescue Team, and as a result of collecting and inspecting white powder with the Chemical Safety Agency and the Geumgang Basin Environment Agency, it was identified as a poisonous substance, potassium cyanide, or cyanide.

The letter even contained threatening phrases.

It was found that the names of several officials were also written, saying that if you do not send 1.44 billion won to the bitcoin address contained in the USB, it will cause a catastrophe as Shincheonji did.

The police are investigating the suspicion of terrorism and many other possibilities.

The sender is being checked through nearby CCTVs.

The police are investigating whether the registration was returned and returned to Daejeon after going around the Shincheonji Church nationwide, or whether they were sent simultaneously, and are investigating the connection with other local Shincheonji churches.

(Video coverage: Seong Nakjoong TJB)