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free flu vaccine vaccination has been stopped due to a problem in the distribution process, anxiety about the vaccine is growing.

The authorities have said that there have been no cases of adverse reactions after being vaccinated so far, but on the other hand, more and more people are willing to get it quickly, even with money.

First, reporter Nam Joo-hyun.


A pediatric hospital in Seoul.

As some flu vaccines were exposed to room temperature and free vaccinations stopped, 19 people in this hospital alone chose paid vaccinations today (23rd).

[Vaccination child caregiver: I think there will be another problem later, so I think the health of the child is more important than the cost, so I want to pay the money first.]

Each hospital is paying more attention to the delivery process and storage of the vaccine.

In some cases, a temperature recorder may be requested to reduce the internal temperature of the refrigerated vehicle loaded with the vaccine every 10 minutes.

[Kim Soo-Hyun/Pharmaceutical Affairs Team Leader of Severance Hospital: During the delivery process, I was worried about the risk of whether the temperature of the drug would be guaranteed.] There

are currently 5 million vaccines that may have been exposed to room temperature during the delivery process


It is being stored at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The test takes two weeks, but if there is no problem, the vaccination is resumed.

Experts point out that in order to get this vaccine free on schedule, you must first have a system that monitors for effects or side effects.

[Ki-Jong Hong/Publishing Director of the Korean Vaccine Society: If there is a system that can identify who and who are working well without side effects or problems for those people after a month or two…


In addition, when the vaccination is resumed, it is necessary to fully explain that the vaccine was a problem for the recipient and its safety.

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