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prosecution, investigating the suspicion of Choo Mi-ae's son's preferential military vacation, has confiscated and searched the son of Minister Chu and his aide.

However, it has been eight months since the start of the investigation, and now it is the time to present the results of the investigation, so criticism comes out as to whether it is to build a justification for doing enough.

This is reporter Bae Jun-woo.

<Reporter> On the

21st, the prosecution confiscated the home and office of Seo Mo, the son of Minister Chu Mi-ae.

Earlier, on the 19th, the residence of Mr. A, who was an aide to Minister Chu, and the home of Captain B, who served as a unit support officer for his son, and the office of the military base were also seized.

The prosecution is also carrying out digital forensic work by securing mobile phones of two people who are known to have made three or more calls during Seo's vacation in June 2017.

Through the analysis of the seized material, the prosecution plans to check whether the then-secretary's aide simply inquired about the vacation procedure, or whether there was a request or external pressure.

However, there are criticisms from inside and outside the legal community that the prosecution is conducting a late show-style investigation, as the investigation began eight months after the start of the investigation.

This is because most of the investigations by the prosecution are conducted at the beginning of the prosecution's investigation, confirming the exact facts and finding legal problems based on text messages, phone calls, and traffic lines exchanged between those involved in the case.

Amid controversy over the investigation of the North Korea, the prosecution is expected to decide whether to directly investigate Minister Chu as soon as it clears up the investigation situation.