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Group BTS will be a special speaker for future generations around the world at the 75th UN General Assembly tomorrow (23rd) afternoon.

This time, it will be delivered in a video message.

BTS had already attended the UN General Assembly held in the United States in September 2018 as a global youth representative, but after two years, they once again visited the UN.

From the message of'Let's love ourselves' two years ago, BTS is going to go one step further and deliver the message'Let's live a new world again' with warm solidarity towards each other, freeing from despair.

This can be said to be a message that connects with the first English single song'Dynamite' that was released to comfort those who are tired of corona.

The UN General Assembly, which will introduce a special message from BTS and various views of the international community related to Corona 19, will be broadcast live on the UN Web TV site and Facebook of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea from 10 pm tomorrow.

Netizens said, "Because BTS keeps telling me to do my best, I'm really empowered~" "I'm an idol who goes to the UN General Assembly twice!" And responded.