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corporate criminal gang was caught posting a business trip massage ad and hijacking huge sums from hundreds of people interested in it.

It is said that over 300 people have lost 4.3 billion won, but similar techniques are often used.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reported.

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I opened the paper box inside the confiscated bag, several cannon phones came out.

[(This is yours, is this?) It's not mine.] This is the

arrest site of a criminal organization that took money for a business trip massage ad as bait.

40-year-old A, a former gangster, ran more than 30 business trip massage phishing sites from March last year to August this year.

I did not actually do a massage business, but I received an upfront payment in the name of a reservation fee.

If the sender who wanted to be deceived requested a refund of the deposit, he said that there was an error in the system and that the money could only be returned by making an additional deposit.

[Victor: Now, an error on the server occurred, so if you send it one more time, it will definitely (refund), so I sent another million won.

In order to find the money I put in.]

310 people were deprived of 4.3 billion won by this method, and one victim made a deposit of over 400 million won in 256 times.

[Kim Seon-gyeom/Chief Criminal Investigation Commander, North Gyeonggi Police Agency: I was victim of a product fraud, but if I want to get the damage back, I need to make another deposit or (there is a similar case). It is high, so you need to be careful.] The

police arrested 10 out of 32 arrested and collected and preserved 1.25 billion won.

It is a measure that locks up the property of criminals so that the victim's loss can be preserved quickly.

Police are tracking about 10 additional suspects that have not yet been arrested, including in Korea and China.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Kim Jong-woo, material provided: Gyeonggi Northern District Police Agency)