Ahead of the Chuseok holiday, a big fire broke out at the traditional market in Cheongnyang-ri, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, burning dozens of stores and warehouses, and it extinguished in about 7 hours.

The fire department said it had completely extinguished the fire at 4:32 am on the 21st at 11:53 am.

No human injury has been confirmed so far, but 20 facilities including stores and warehouses have been lost.

Seven of these were burnt down.

It was found that the fire occurred in a whole chicken house in a traditional market and transferred to a nearby fruit and vegetable market.

The firefighting authorities received a report immediately after the outbreak of the fire and mobilized to issue a second stage of response at 4:54, and mobilized 203 personnel, 49 firefighting vehicles, and two firefighting helicopters to extinguish the fire.

After catching a big flame at 7:26, the response stage was lowered to stage 1, and the response stage 1 was also lifted at 8:9, but it took about 4 hours to extinguish the remaining lights everywhere.

Firefighting authorities believe that sprinklers were not installed at the facility where the fire occurred, but the fire notification device was activated at the time of the fire, allowing merchants to evacuate.

Police and fire authorities are investigating the exact cause of the fire.

Dongdaemun-gu Office said, "We are investigating whether the victims have purchased fire insurance, and are preparing measures to support them by reviewing related laws and regulations."

The city also said that it is preparing measures to prevent recurrence and to conserve damage.

(yunhap news)