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A real-time remote class platform incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology will be introduced at a middle school in downtown Seoul.

Today (21st), the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education announced that it will conduct classes at two middle schools designated as Seoul Innovative Future School using a VR technology-based remote class platform.

VR refers to cutting-edge technology that allows you to experience life-like experiences in a virtual world created with computers.

When this technology is applied to remote classes, the person concerned explains that students who are connected from different places will have a realistic experience as if they are taking classes in one virtual classroom.

Seocho-gu Naegok Middle School and Seongbuk-gu Jongam Middle School, which were selected as target schools, will conduct classes using VR real-time remote teaching platforms in October and November, respectively. You will be taking'VR Remote Class'.

At this time, each student is embodied as a virtual graphic character'Avatar' to fill the classroom, and it is also possible to share various types of educational materials such as documents and videos in real time. Is expected to be.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education plans to analyze the convenience and effectiveness and improve problems while piloting a VR real-time remote class platform with the Korea Radio Promotion Association. In addition, we plan to develop a manual so that this platform can be used more widely in the educational field in the future.

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