<Anchor> After a series of

accidents such as a drunk driving accident in Eulwang-ri, Incheon that killed the head of the 50-year-old who delivered chicken, the police strengthened crackdowns and came up with punishment measures.

Drunk drivers were punished by applying the principle of zero tolerance.

This is reporter Jo Yoon-ha.

<Reporter> A

drunk driving accident in Seodaemun, Seoul, where a 6-year-old child died while a drunk driving vehicle hit a streetlight in broad daylight.

A drunk driving accident in Eulwang-ri in Incheon that killed a 50-year-old father who had been drinking and delivering chicken across the central line.

Following a series of drunk driving fatalities, the police came up with measures to strengthen the crackdown and punishment.

The National Police Agency has announced that it will extend the period of intensive drunk driving crackdowns by two months until November 17th, and that police stations across the country will carry out crackdowns at least twice a week during vulnerable times.

In addition to this, we decided to pursue regular crackdowns regardless of the time of day, taking into account the characteristics of each region, and to proactively punish passengers in drunk driving vehicles for assistance or accomplices.

If a driver who has previously been punished for drunk driving also drunk and drove, causing the victim to die or seriously injure the victim, the driver was arrested and the vehicle was confiscated.

The same standard applies even when a driver with four or more drunk driving experiences within the last five years is detected again.

The National Police Agency announced a countermeasure that contained these details and said it would take a strict response to spread the awareness that drunk driving must be cracked down according to the zero-tolerance principle.

From January to August this year, drunk driving traffic accidents increased by 15% over the same period last year.