LG introduces a smartphone with a crazy design -


LG Explorer Project.

These were the key words of the online conference held by LG last Monday.

The South Korean company intends to explore new horizons, offer new experiences and bring new emotions to users.

With this in mind, the firm has formalized what rumors have long since announced: the LG Wing will be the next flagship of the brand, with a design at odds with what is on the market.

Speakers will have repeatedly explained that LG would do what no other brand had dared to do until now: reinvent the design of the smartphone.

And we have to admit that LG hit hard with the Wing.

Thanks to a clever hydraulic damper system, the smartphone, which at first glance seems banal, is able to deploy a second screen from below.

Thus, the screen above and the one below are complementary, and allow you to use two applications at the same time.

LG introduces a smartphone with a crazy design - Geeko

Thanks to its dual screen, the LG Wing can do two things at the same time.

The main screen of the device is 6.8 ″ Full HD OLED while the secondary screen is 3.9 ″, also OLED.

The main utility of this dual screen is the ability to work on two things at the same time.

So you can watch a video on the main screen while browsing a website on the one below.

It is also possible to follow a GPS route while keeping an eye on a telephone or written conversation.

The other major asset that the speakers repeatedly praised during the presentation is its image capture.

The LG Wing will offer an ultra-high resolution 64 MP rear camera with wide angle lenses.

The front camera will be retractable and will go up to 32 MP.

Where the developers of the smartphone have been clever is in the alliance between the camera and the original design of the Wing.

This one also offers a very interesting shooting mode, inspired by OSMO stabilizers.

By rolling out his phone's second screen and holding it like a T, you can control your smartphone and benefit from physical stabilization.

A video filmed at the Wing was also unveiled during the presentation, and we must admit that the result is very interesting.

It is also to film using the two cameras jointly, and therefore to make great short films or vlogs.

LG introduces a smartphone with a crazy design - Geeko

The LG Wing allows you to film while benefiting from a stabilization inherited from the best stabilizers sold on the market.


Regarding the intrinsic components of the device, it will obviously be 5G compatible.

The Wing will also have an 8GB RAM memory and a ROM memory between 128 and 256GB.

It can be recharged by induction or via a USB-C cable.

It will run on Android 10 and will obviously offer all of Google Mobile Services.

It still embeds a small specificity about its home screen.

Once deployed, the screen below keeps the usual presentation of Android.

On the other hand, the main screen offers a reinvented welcome, directly inspired by smart TVs, which are navigated in a carousel.

The first glimpses offered by the presentation video on this smartphone, however, leave some doubts.

We will mention in particular the imposing size that the smartphone has once deployed.

The grip does not seem practical at all and feels quite heavy, although an approximate weight of 260 grams is reported.

In addition, the battery seems insignificant given the amount of energy to be provided.

Here too, the presenters promised a battery life of several hours, enough to last all day.

Although the conference was very comprehensive, it did not mention a release date or any price.

Our information shows a release during the last quarter of 2020. The LG Wind will be available in two colors: blue and black.

Prices should be significantly lower than those of dual-screen smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.


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