In the written examination for recruiting police officers, which took place today (19th), a controversy about the leakage of prior problems arose, and the police began to confirm.

According to the candidates, question 9 of'Introduction to Police Science', an optional subject for the written examination for recruiting police officers, was incorrectly answered, but it became a problem by writing the corrected questions on the board before the start of the exam.

In the controversial test center, it is known that some candidates searched for the relevant part in the test book or shared the problem through Kakao Talk, as a changed problem was announced before the submission of belongings such as mobile phones and test books.

Police officials said they are discussing the direction of the response, saying that they are grasping the facts.

The written test for recruiting police officers today was held in 94 locations nationwide, and 2,735 people are expected to be selected.

The number of candidates was 51,419 and the competition rate was 18.8:1.

(Photo = Yonhap News)