▲ Incheon International Airport with a'Leave Distance' notice on the chair

On the afternoon of the 20th, it will be decided whether or not to extend the second step of'social distancing' in the non-metropolitan area.

The government is planning to decide whether to extend the second stage by comprehensively considering the current situation of Corona 19 and factors of concern for infection.

The second phase of the metropolitan area will be maintained until the 27th, but in the case of the non-metropolitan area, it is until today, so if the government does not decide to extend it, it will end from today.

The biggest variable is the Chuseok holiday, with only a week left.

If it is lowered to the first stage, there are observations that the second stage will not be extended as Corona 19 can rapidly re-proliferate.

The specific details of the special quarantine measures to be applied during the Chuseok holiday will be determined according to the Corona 19 situation next week.

Even with the recommendation to restrict movement, additional measures to strengthen the recommendation are expected to be discussed as reservations for resort accommodations are increasing during the holiday season.

(Photo = Yonhap News)