Now is a breathtaking time when the number of confirmed cases may increase again.

As the distance increases, everyone will feel both body and mind frustrated, but please pay more attention to the health of everyone.

I will connect reporters to find out what the atmosphere looks like outside.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun, distance measures have been lifted, and today (18th) is the first Friday night, how is the street atmosphere right now?


Yes, I am on the Gyeongui Line Forest Road in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, and you can see that quite a few crowds have gathered here before the first weekend after the distance has eased.

There are also people visiting nearby bars and restaurants, and there are many citizens who enjoy beer on the lawn here, but now the access control line is drooping.

In addition, there is a notice on the chairs in the park asking to refrain from using the facilities, but it is also noticeable that some citizens gather near the control line.

Citizens responded that they came out to the streets to relieve their frustration with long distances.

[Haeun Kim/Guro-gu, Seoul: The weather is nice, so I want to get some air…

It's too frustrating to be at home, and I think it's easy to get in with a drink.]


Distance from the scene and quarantine guidelines must be followed well.


Yes, when I met people, it was nice to go out and change my mood, but there were also voices saying that I was worried that the quarantine would become loose.

[Yoo Gyeong-chan/Seoul Mapo-gu: I think it has become loose.

(Friends) It's been in the second stage, so let's go to drink together and talk a lot.

If you follow the quarantine rules a little more...


In neighboring restaurants and taverns, seating was generally observed with a single seat on the table, but there were cases where it was not possible at stores with crowds of customers.

The number of late-night drunk customers increases, which can be even worse, so caution is needed.

(On-site progress: compilation, video editing: Lee Jae-seong)