The police initiated a full-scale investigation in the case of accusing the KATUSA soldier commander and SBS, who reported his remarks, on charges of defamation, when the son of Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae mentioned that there was a request for troop deployment.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Intelligent Crime Investigation Unit said that it called and investigated a relative A, a relative of Minister Chu's son, Seo Mo, as the accuser on the afternoon of the 17th.

In the investigation of the accuser, the police are said to have inquired of the lawyers of Mr. A and Mr. Seo about how they accused SBS and former USFK Korean military support commander Lee Cheol-won.

Earlier, SBS reported on a recording file of former General Manager Lee that there was a request for troop deployment while Seo was in military service.

Rep. Shin Won-sik of the Power of the People released a recording of the call through a press conference. I took 40 minutes to educate myself not to ask for it.”

At the time, Mr. Seo's legal representative, Geun-taek Hyun, said, "There was no fact that Mr. Seo had personally met with the unit officials on the day of the graduation ceremony, and did not make a request regarding the deployment of the unit." “I was only given guidance on the placement of self-sustaining units.

He repeatedly argued, "Because the units were deployed by the computer, there could be no requests related to the deployment of the units," he said. "Especially, it is hard to condone that a grandmother over 90 asked for 40 minutes of training to dry them. "Nothing happens" he added.

At the time, most of the major media companies reported the contents of the recording files, but Seo only accused SBS.

After completing the investigation of the accuser, the police plan to call former Colonel Lee and SBS officials to investigate.

(Photo = Yonhap News)