• Privacy: Amazon scandal: the company recognizes that it saves your conversations forever

  • Privacy: Amazon scandal: your employees listen to your conversations and know where you live

Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, is again facing legal problems in relation to respecting the

privacy of its users


On this occasion, the origin of the lawsuit would be that

Instagram had accessed (intentionally and without permission) the cameras of its users' mobile phones

, according to the plaintiff's version.

The lawsuit has its origin in press reports that emerged a few weeks ago, which discovered that Instagram was accessing the cameras of users' mobile phones when

they were not using them


At that time, Facebook claimed that it was

a code error

that caused

false notifications

to appear that Instagram was accessing the cameras of iPhones.

However, the plaintiff, Brittany Conditi, alleges in her submission that it was an

intentional and "lucrative" operation

for the purpose of "collecting important data from users that they otherwise would not have been able to access."

The lawsuit, which has been filed in a federal court in San Francisco, continues to assure that "by obtaining

extremely intimate and private data

from users, including inside their homes."

In this way, he points out, Instagram and Facebook are able to collect "

very valuable information

in market studies."

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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