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Fernando Simón

has become news after being seen with

Jesús Calleja

in the waters of Mallorca.

The fact that he appears on a television show while on vacation has sparked debate.

The director of the

Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies

will be the star of a new installment of

Planeta Calleja

in the Balearic Islands.

Spectators will be able to see you scuba diving, ballooning, biking downhill and climbing.




has shown a preview of the recordings, in which

Fernando Simón

defends himself against the criticism he has received.

Its presenter introduces it like this: "I'm in Mallorca, filming the new season of

Planeta Calleja


I have a very special guest

who has come with me taking advantage of the fact that he had a week of vacation and has decided that he would like to be here with us."


explained: "I

needed a vacation

, which fortunately I was able to take because we have an excellent team in the ministry. When you called me to tell me if I wanted to come with you, of course, delighted ... I took this vacation because I really did I needed, I

didn't give for more


He indicated that his wife could not accompany him: "He had to work and has not been able to come, but hey, she and I will make up for ourselves at some point."


has advanced some of the issues on which they have spoken, among which the



in Spain stands out: "We have had some very interesting gatherings about what things have been done well, what things have been done wrong, what will happen and when is this pandemic going to end. There are very interesting conversations that I myself

have been shocked with

. "

Calleja's defense on Twitter

A doctor,

Salvador Casado

, questioned on


the participation of

Fernando Simón

in the



at this time: "In health we are regular staff. I would kindly ask our dear

Jesús Calleja

that for the moment no one is taken to his walks until it clears a bit. "

The adventurer responded and defended his work: "With all my affection, I do not take walks,

I do a job

and there are many families that depend on it. Nobody forbids working, it is a matter of responsibility, following the protocols and precaution, not prohibition ".

Opinions on Mediaset


The Ana Rosa program they

talked about the appearance of

Fernando Simón


Planeta Calleja

this Thursday, September 17.

His presenter shared: "This man also

has the right to have two or three days

and do whatever he wants."

Some of his collaborators expressed their opinion on the matter.

Esther Palomera

noted: "I think the character has outgrown the person."

Eduardo Inda

commented: "For me to go with


, who does an excellent program, it seems good to me.



is that he is the most incompetent guy on the face of the earth."

That same day,

Informativos Telecinco

showed unpublished images of the epidemiologist diving.

In the news they said that

Silvia Cazón

, Secretary of State for Health, had defended her partner's right to have free time after his "intense daily effort during the pandemic."

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