• TV The pique of Ana Rosa Quintana and Javier Ruiz for the Democratic Memory Law

  • TV.Ana Rosa Quintana, angry with Omar Montes after uncovering that their fight is a montage: "Not everything goes"

  • TV. Ana Rosa Quintana's reflection on the coverage of the pandemic: "We have been wrong anyway"

Ana Rosa Quintana

started her program this Thursday, September 17, talking about the situation that the country is going through due to the health crisis: "Spain is once again at the forefront of infections and deaths from



He later focused on Madrid and sent a critical message to

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

for her management.

"The second wave

is already a tsunami

" was the phrase that appeared on the screen at the beginning of the



, indicating that there were already "9,810 patients admitted for


throughout Spain, 1,281 in the ICU."

In space, they highlighted that there had been 239 new deaths in 24 hours, which was the highest number of deaths since May.

The journalist later said: "The situation in Madrid

generates tremendous confusion


He recalled what they had said in the magazine in the past about the president of the Community of Madrid: "At the beginning of the pandemic, she was one of the fastest reacting,

Ifema was a success

, a shopping effort was made ...".

However, later he blurted out: "I don't understand how we got to this regrowth now and

we are the same as we were in March


Ana Terradillos

, collaborator of

The Ana Rosa program

, pointed out: "It is unheard of, especially due to the rate of contagion and the complaints that are beginning to be made by health workers. They are already beginning to be very striking. They are already talking about 'pre-collapse 'Just yesterday 400 doctors from

the Infanta Leonor Hospital

signed a letter asking for help, aid. "

The presenter continued: "There are 100% ICUs. What they are asking, which

seems reasonable to me

, is: 'Hey, there are many other hospitals that do not have that saturation. You lighten this hospital.'

Showdown in Ana Rosa's program

Ana Terradillos

continued speaking in

Ana Rosa's program

about the situation in the Community of Madrid: "There is a communication disaster. People right now, who have all the possibilities of being confined, have no idea what is going to happen.

Many explanations are missing

. "

Eduardo Inda

interrupted her to comment sarcastically: "

Ayuso created the virus in Wuhan

and is responsible for the virus, not in Spain, but throughout the world."

His intervention did not like his partner, who snapped: "



you better

, I don't like 'conspiracy' theories at all".

The collaborator came out in defense of the

Popular Party's policy

and indicated that they would have to wait until the next day for more information.

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Criticism in the networks

Some viewers of

The Ana Rosa program

criticized on social networks the images that the space showed while they were talking about the situation in Madrid hospitals.

They shared photos on


noting that a video they were broadcasting appeared to be from a hospital in China.

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TelevisionThe pique of Ana Rosa Quintana and Javier Ruiz for the Democratic Memory Law

TelevisionAna Rosa Quintana, angry with Omar Montes after uncovering that their fight is a montage: "Not everything goes"

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