A woman in her 40s, who was sentenced to medium sentence for murdering her son in succession in two suitcases, appealed against the verdict.

According to the legal profession, A (41), who was sentenced to 22 years in prison in the first trial for murder, child abuse, and special injuries under the Child Welfare Act today (18), through a lawyer today (18). I filed an appeal against Judge Chae Dae-won.

Details of the reason for the appeal were not communicated, but it is known that the intention is to be judged again as to whether the murder was intentional or not.

According to the prosecution, Mr. A confined his son, B (9), who lived with him at about noon on June 1, in a travel bag measuring 50 cm wide, 71.5 cm long, and 29 cm wide, and then confined it for about 4 hours. ·It was confined to a smaller bag, 60 cm long and 24 cm wide, and eventually killed it.

It was investigated that instead of bringing out group B who complained of'I can't breathe' several times, Mr. A jumped up on the bag or even blown a hot hair dryer.

It was found that the gaps in the bag were taped, or the bag itself was dragged from room to room.

The prosecution said that Mr. A had predicted the possibility of the victim's death, and applied the charges of murder, not child abuse.

Throughout the trial, Mr. A asserted that "there was no intention of killing, and he did not blow the wind of the dryer", but the first trial judge said, "Not only is the crime cruel, there is no sympathy for the child, and it is just anger. "I can only feel it," he did not accept.

At the first trial, the prosecution said, "The defendant pressed a 23kg victim trapped in a narrow bag for 7 hours to a maximum of 160kg, thoroughly disregarding the victim's personality and life." I did.

The appeal of this case is handled by the Daejeon High Court.

(Photo = Yonhap News)