Earlier this year, comedian Kim Chul-min, who is struggling with end-stage cancer, received a lot of attention because he expects a therapeutic effect by taking animal repellents rather than anticancer drugs.

There was also a lot of controversy, but Mr. Kim said that there was hope that the pain would be reduced, but at a meeting with our reporter recently, he said for the first time that he is no longer taking animal repellents.

Reporter Jung Myung-won heard what happened in the meantime.


Kim Chul-min, a comedian who is struggling with lung cancer at the end of her life, has recently undergone major surgery because cancer cells have spread to the cervical bone.

Unlike when I met the reporters in January, my physical condition is noticeably worse now.

When cancer cells that had spread to the cervical vertebra were discovered in May, liver function was also damaged.

[Kim Cheol-min/Comeman (Lung Cancer Stage 4): In May, I did that blood test and finished, but the liver level got higher and it was a little over 100.

Originally, they were all normal, and liver levels were normal.]

I started taking fenbendazole after claims that dog repellents were used to treat cancer in the United States, but when the pain relieved, the dose was increased dramatically.

[Kim Cheol-min/Comeman (Lung Cancer Stage 4): I ate albendazole (human repellent) in the morning, fenbendazole in the afternoon, and ate this five times a week.

I had to eat 3 days and rest 4 days, but I got greedy.

That's why the liver is high and everything is not getting better.]

Even though it had been over half a year after taking the repellent consistently, the expected cancer treatment effect did not appear, and cancer cells continued to spread elsewhere.

Then he concluded that the anti-cancer treatment was not suitable for him, and after he stopped taking the repellent for the past 8 months, he says he is looking forward to a new drug.

[Kim Cheol-min / Comedian (Lung Cancer Stage 4): This repellent did not kill cancer.

Just, it helped me a bit with pain or something, but that was the only time.

I felt it.

This is not.] Since the

end of last year, the fever of anti-cancer anti-cancer treatments has spread, and cancer patients in Korea have been urged to receive guidance from doctors after undergoing clinical trials like in the UK.

[Bosanggeun Hwang / Kidney Cancer Stage 4 (while taking anthelmintic): We know that this is not possible in reality, so we are sharing the way we can eat safely as much as possible by accumulating the results through self-clinical self-clinication.]

Reality In Esau, many cancer patients are still taking it, and because repellents are not available, they choose the dark trade.

It is difficult to expect a pharmaceutical company to conduct clinical trials with additional money after the patent rights of the repellent have expired.

This is also the reason why government agencies and public interest foundations in the United States and Europe are actively supporting the cost of anti-cancer treatment clinical trials of anthelmintic drugs.

[Kim Sung-joo / Korea Cancer Patients Rights Council representatives. The government has announced that oldeun do not present a wrongly any clear evidence that (female) I'm thinking cool the heat of the patients would be not enough -

Prediction of health authorities will end up with fad Unlike the government's indifference, some patients are desperate for anti-cancer treatment.

(Video coverage: Lee Won-sik)