Yesterday (15th), the police applied for an arrest warrant today for a woman in her 30s who drove a car to a convenience store in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province and made a mess inside.

It was a conflict with the store owner saying that he lost his child's picture because of a convenience store.

This is Park Jae-hyun.


Yesterday at 5:53 pm, a report of a problem occurred at a convenience store in Pyeongtaek was filed by the police.

It was said that a customer who was having an argument with the store owner pulled out a golf club.

[Witness: While swinging with a golf club and doing something, (suddenly) going back and forth in the car...


When the police were dispatched, 38-year-old A drove up and rushed to a convenience store.

[Come out!]

We managed to arrest Mr. A while shooting a blank bullet.

This is the accident site of a convenience store in Pyeongtaek.

Now, it's blocked with wooden planks so you can't see the inside, but you can see the impact of the time with the curved window frames and broken glass pieces.

Mr. A and the convenience store store owner were close enough to go to a beauty salon together about three years ago.

When it was found that the entry was not received, Mr. A argued that the store owner had not sent it intentionally, and the store owner confronted it that it seemed to have been lost in the delivery process.

[Residents near the convenience store: I was lying on the floor. Until you give money, until you get an answer like that. There was no notice and no prize money was given, my child suffered mental damage. Pay the damage compensation fee… .] The

headquarters apologized and agreed with Mr. A, but the conflict continued with the store owner.

In June, Mr. A is being prosecuted on charges of obstructing the execution of public affairs and obstructing business by quarreling with the convenience store side and swearing at the police dispatched.

The police applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. A on charges of special injury and damage to special property, and the head office of the convenience store is also planning to claim compensation for damage to his karma against Mr. A.

(Video coverage: Jung Sang-bo, video editing: So Ji-hye)