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Imagine an orgasm to the rhythm of

Flying Free

by Pont Aeri, to the melody of

Torito Bravo

or to the rhythm of

Felices los Cuatro

by Maluma.

Well, that's what Satisfyer has thought as the main innovation to give a twist to the most popular female erotic toy of all time.

Satisfyer has joined the smart object craze by giving

a new twist to its famous inventions

thanks to its new application available for iPhone and Android.

The star function that connectivity that



goes through the connection between the device and a mobile phone through its official app, from which the different functions can be launched.

In addition, it will also allow gesture control thanks to other

wearables such

as an Apple Watch.

The star function that Satisfyer incorporates is synchronization with the audio.

The feature, "

Music Vibes

plays music in streaming or pairs with your own music library to turn your favorite songs into parallel vibration patterns. Imagine

experiencing the most intimate moment based on the songs you love the most

. Music will never come back. be the same and orgasms will scream new melodies, "the company said in a statement.

However, it is also possible to

sync Spotify to voice

(or whatever sound you like) using the "ambient sound" function.

In addition, the application allows you to connect remotely with another device.

In this way,

the owner of a Satisfyer will be able to hand over control of its movements to a third person

with whom she participates in a video call.

Another of the functions that it incorporates is the possibility of establishing



knowing the statistics

of their operation.

In this way, the app offers the possibility of designing individual "patterns and rhythms according to your preferences with a simple touch on the screen. It also contains: control of time, intensity, separate motors with multi-motor devices and the option to select your own routines. to be able to experience those lustful / unique moments over and over again. "

Finally, another of the functions that it includes is the possibility of

using pre-installed programs

, setting alarms that serve as reminders and a "community share" option, an option that allows you to share, anonymously, the routines created with other users.

Why do you need to know my location?

However, the launch of this application is not without controversy.

Some users have expressed their suspicion because

the app requests location permissions


"I don't understand why you need the location if


should be enough,

fix it,

" says one user.

Some complaints to which the owners of the application respond that it is "a default setting of Android, which requests that the shared location be activated so that the smartphone can locate signals from other devices such as the Satisfyer. Anyway, the location data is not collected ", they say.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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