▲ The drunk driver who killed Eulwang-ri chicken delivery most

In connection with the'Drinking Accident in Eulwang-ri, Incheon', where the head of the chicken delivery, the head of the 50s died, suspicion was raised that the driver of the vehicle had referred to the driver to make a favorable statement to him that he would pay the settlement money instead.

According to the police on the 16th, an acquaintance of A (33, female), who was recently arrested on the charges of dangerous driver fatality under the Specific Crimes Weighted Penalty Act, told the police last week, "I keep asking you to meet with my companion" and "I refuse to meet you."

This acquaintance is said to accompany Mr. A to every police investigation because he is suffering from a chronic disease.

Mr. A's acquaintance submitted the text message to the police, saying, "Because of continuing refusal to meet, the companion side continued to contact Mr. A through a woman in the company (who drank together before the accident)."

The woman in the group said to Mr. A, an alumni of the school,'It is not me who can help you with an agreement right now.

This is what you can do to reduce your sentence...

I sent a text message saying,'Let's know a little bit about my burning heart and cooperate with me when that brother (a companion) said he was helping me.

The woman also said to Mr. A,'No matter how much settlement money (given to the victim) is, you can't do it.

If your brother (passenger) is a criminal case, he can't help you.

You have to meet (your brother's) lawyer.'

An acquaintance of Mr. A claimed that his companion B (47, male), on the basis of such a text message, claimed that he asked to state that he would not be accused of assisting with drunk driving on the condition that his companion B (47, male) gave the settlement money to the victim instead.

Mr. A said in a police investigation the day before, "I asked you to call a substitute (driver), but Mr. B said,'You drank less, so drive.'"

Mr. A is accused of killing Mr. C (54, male), who was drunk on a one-way two lane near Eulwangri Beach in Jung-gu, Incheon on the 9th at 0:55 on the 9th, and drove a Benz car to deliver chicken. .

The Mercedes vehicle that Mr. A drove violated the center line at the time of the accident, and his blood alcohol concentration was 0.1% or more, exceeding the license cancellation level (0.08%).

This Mercedes vehicle was owned by the company of Mr. B, who was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident.

The police also arrested Mr. B, who unlocked the Mercedes vehicle, and was charged with aiding in drunk driving.

The police will summon Mr. B, who has already investigated once, to the police station sooner or later for further investigation.

A police official said, "We are grasping the text messages sent and received by Mr. A and the party," and said, "Apart from him, we will investigate Mr. B again."