Reality star Kim Kardashian wants to boycott Instagram this Wednesday as part of a protest against hate speech.

"I cannot watch and remain silent while these platforms continue to allow hatred, propaganda and misinformation to spread," wrote Kardashian on Twitter.

The boycott is limited to one day, however.

Kim Kardashian has 188 million followers on Instagram, which is part of the Facebook group.

The TV icon also wants to freeze its Facebook page for a day.

The celebs who join the one-day boycott also include actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

You are responding to a call from civil rights organizations under the keyword #StopHateforProfit ("Stop hating for profit").

In the current US presidential election campaign, the major online networks are under increased public pressure to take action against inciting, manipulative and misleading content on their pages.

You have also taken several steps in this direction, but critics believe that they are nowhere near enough.

Several large corporations temporarily suspended their Facebook ads to encourage more forceful action against hate speech and false news.