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Kamala Khan is a young Muslim woman who adopts the identity of Ms. Marvel.

Despite having a cast consisting of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Black Widow, who shines in 'Marvel's Avengers' is Kamala Khan, a character created in 2014 by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

The long-awaited video game

Marvel's Avengers

did not debut on the right foot among fans.

When a franchise born in the world of comics, but popularized by the cinema, jumps to a third medium, that of video games, it is difficult to reap unanimity in the critics.

There are exceptions, such as

Insomniac Games'



, but it's not the norm.

Nor is it that the first trailer for a video game like the one developed by Crystal Dynamics and produced by Square Enix receives hits from all sides as it happened when it was presented in June last year.

They did not like the aesthetic changes (the symmetry of Captain America's shield was desecrated), nor the physiognomic ones (the Black Widow was not exactly

Scarlett Johansson

), and decisions such as not translating the group's name and calling it "The


" (in Spain they have always been The Avengers) was the perfect icing on all kinds of jokes.

Changing this bad dynamic spread by social networks was a superhero challenge.

But hidden in the advancement of the video game itself was the champion who has achieved such a feat once production has reached Ps4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia and the players have played the first games.

Because the


of the trailer belonged to the character that the game starts with:

Kamala Khan, the Muslim teenager who hides behind the mask of Ms. Marvel


An unknown to the general public willing to show why she has become a transcendental character in the


in recent years.

Ms. Marvel will be in charge of reuniting The Avengers after their dissolution.

The protagonism of the first part of the story falls on



The young woman of Pakistani origin is present in San Francisco on


, the day the new Avengers base of operations is inaugurated on the West Coast.

An event that ends, after a terrorist attack, with the fall from grace of Iron Man, Thor, the Black Widow and the Hulk and Iron Man.

Captain America, for his part, passes directly to a better life


Or so it seems.

Five years later, the IMA organization has taken control of the United States and hundreds of people have obtained superpowers.

Kamala is one of them: she now has polymorphic abilities and is not willing to let her referents continue to be dragged through the mud.

"From his point of view, always optimistic,

we can see how he uses his passion, his curiosity, his intelligence and his powers to uncover a conspiracy,

" said

Shaun Escayg

, creative director of the video game at Crystal Dynamics.

During the promotion of the game, the director of

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

, has placed a special emphasis on "the integration between the narrative and the gameplay" in a work "that is about hope", a state of mind for what Kamala is key.

But how has a character practically unknown to the general public obtained that size?


Ms. Marvel is the most outstanding creation of Marvel in the last decade,

" explains

Julián M. Clemente

, Marvel editor in Spain.

"She is

a teenage daughter of Pakistani immigrants in the United States

whose powers are a metaphor for the change she faces at her age. Her point of interest is that, being a character that represents a minority, she



someone with whom any type can empathize. It

plays an important role in representation for some of the readers, but its great asset is that anyone who has been a teenager can feel identified with it ", he points out.

In reality, Kamala Khan is the equivalent of Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the 21st century, something that also happens, literally, with another young promise of the marvel universe:

Miles Morales

, the Spider-Man of black race and Hispanic origin who starred in the movie

Spider-Man: A New Universe

and he also has a crucial role in the hit video game Crawler.

"It is very important to note that the creation of Kamala was something spontaneous," says Clemente.

"It came from editor

Sama Amanat

, staying up late at the


and recounting her experiences as the daughter of emigrants to another colleague. They were so funny and revealing, they felt they should make a comic out of it. They called

G. Willow Wilson

, a an author with an enormous capacity to capture the adolescent voice. Then

Adrian Alphona


the drawings, and here we have an artist who we could identify with magical realism: he introduces the fantastic element in everyday life in a hypnotic way. The rest can be said that is history".

Kamala Khan's powers and look evolve throughout the game.

The presence of Kamala, therefore, satisfies the readers of the comics and arouses the interest of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the teenager from New Jersey already has a series in production for Disney +.

A nexus of intergenerational union for a game of 12 hours in the



that aims to be alive until the arrival of the new platforms thanks to its




Its updates will be free and will be expanded with new missions and superheroes such as Hawkeye, Spider-Man herself or Ant-Man.

For the specialized critics, the production has not squared the circle and it is clear that its ambition collides with an unsatisfactory reward system, but its undisguised determination that the user empathize with the characters (as he did reading a comic as a child or

launching the Captain America's shield in his legendary video game produced by Data East in the 90s

) softens the heart.

There are multiple nods to comics, both to the history of

The Mightiest Heroes on Earth

and to recent sagas such


Secret Empire


The sensation of enjoying an



(comics that generally brought together various characters and that in Spain were published as seasonal specials by the editorial Forum) gives a special aftertaste to a game that even makes the figures of the city look with tender eyes.

Marvel Legends


from Hasbro toy maker that show off the criticized trailer designs.

The same ones that were observed with some contempt when they went on sale a few weeks ago.

And, in addition, in today's electronic entertainment, anyone can change the outfit of the character they want between game and game.

Even Kamala's, who despite having just six years of life, has already worn different



Things of modernity.

According to the criteria of

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