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Hackers set a new record this weekend by attacking 1,904 e-commerce sites.

Ten online stores were targeted this Friday, 1.058 on Saturday alone, 603 this Sunday and 233 this Monday, reports



The cybersecurity specialist Sansec indicates on his site that this is "the most important campaign, by far" that he has identified.

The company began its e-commerce security breach monitoring mission in 2015. The previous record was in July 2019, when 962 sites were hacked in one day.

No security patch planned

The multiple attacks last weekend were carried out through an automatic program.

According to experts, the hackers would have used a "zero day" vulnerability, sold for some time on the darknet for 5,000 euros.

Thanks to this device, hackers were able to remotely access merchant sites using the Magento v1 platform.

In total, the personal data of tens of thousands of Internet users would have come into the possession of hackers, says Santec.

As the Magento v1 platform is no longer updated, its publisher Adobe has not officially planned to develop corrective patches.


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