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conservative group that had hosted a rally in downtown Seoul during Liberation Day announced that it will hold another rally on the 3rd of next month.

The government defined it as an illegal assembly and said that if enforced, it would be forcibly disbanded and arrested.

This is Jeon Yeon-nam reporter.

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August 15th National Emergency Response Committee, composed of conservative groups that participated in the August Liberation Day rally, reported to the police that they would hold a rally in downtown Seoul on October 3rd as well.

It is to disregard the city's policy of banning gatherings of more than 10 people and hold a 1,000-person rally on the sidewalk and three lanes in front of Sejong-ro Small Park in Jongno-gu.

[In-Sik Choi / 8·15 Secretary-General of the Emergency Response Committee: I report a rally in order to have a chance to inform the public about how wrong this political quarantine is about the Moon Jae-in regime.]

All participants said they would wear masks and keep a distance of 2 meters. The government has declared that it is an illegal assembly and will respond strongly.

[Kim Kang-rip/Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters General Spokesperson: The government will promptly proceed with the dissolution procedure, and illegal actors will be strictly investigated without exception through on-site arrest and collection.] According to the

Assembly Act, not only the organizer but also the participants are 6 months or less. He warned that he could face imprisonment or a fine of 500,000 won or less.

On the day of the foundation day, about 430 assemblies were reported in downtown Seoul, of which more than 10 people or 87 cases reported in prohibited areas such as Jongno were banned.

Chartered bus transportation business associations in each region, including Chungbuk, Gwangju, Jeonnam, and Gyeongnam, are joining the declaration of refusal to operate the Gaecheon Day assembly.

The cumulative confirmed cases related to the participants of the Liberation Day assembly were 585.

Rallyings of 10 or more people throughout Seoul are prohibited until the 11th of the month following the end of the National Foundation Day and Hangeul Day holidays.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, Video editing: Choi Jin-hwa)