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He denied suspicion that the driver in his 50s, who delivered chicken, died in the'Drinking Accident in Eulwang-ri, Incheon', and that the driver of the vehicle had to make a statement in his favor.

Mr. A, a 47-year-old man who was imprisoned on charges of assisting with drunk driving, never asked a 33-year-old woman B, who is a driver, to send a conciliatory text message in an additional investigation received by the police yesterday (16th) afternoon. It was said that he said that he can't remember the words of Mr. B.

In a previous police investigation, driver B said, "I asked you to call a substitute driver, but Mr. A said,'You who drank less alcohol, please drive.'" It is known that Mr. A made a statement to the effect that he recommended drunk driving.

(Photo = Courtesy of Yeongjong Fire Station, Incheon, Yonhap News)