Today (16th), the prosecution confiscated the headquarters of BMW Korea to uncover the suspicion of a BMW car fire that we intensively reported two years ago.

It seems to be to investigate whether there was an order from the head of the German headquarters in the process of hiding the structural defects of the vehicle.

Reporter Won Jong-jin covered it.

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red flame from the vehicle soared within a few minutes of parking, and a fire occurred while driving.

In 2018, there were several accidents in which only BMW cars were on fire.

BMW Korea, which had been consistent with the knowledge, confessed that it learned of a defect in parts in July of that year while being pushed by public opinion.

[Gimhyojun / BMW Korea president (August 2018, the National Assembly): July 2018 January 17, BMW Germany headquarters have passed the fire potential due to a defect in the EGR cooler BMW Korea -

Ministry of Transportation is a survey BMW over 2015 It was concluded that the vehicle had been reduced or concealed even after knowing the defects in the vehicle, and the police sent eight executives and staff members, including BMW Korea Chairman Kim Hyo-jun, to the prosecution with opinions of prosecution.

And today, 11 months later, the prosecution confiscated the BMW Korea headquarters and computer servers.

The prosecution investigation is targeting BMW headquarters in Germany.

For at least three years, the car's fatal flaws were hidden and sold to deceive consumers, which appears to be to confirm the details of the intervention, whether directed by the head of BMW headquarters in the process.

Earlier, the police also elected the chairman of BMW's Germany headquarters, Harald Kruger, but it is said that no apparent suspicion was revealed.

The prosecution's investigation to sort out the top line of responsibility is expected to have a significant impact on damages lawsuits between consumers who suffered damage from vehicle fires and BMW.

(Video coverage: Lee Yong, video editing: Hwang Ji-young)