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told you about the abuse of a baby who was 18 days old after birth.

(▶ [Solo] Newborn baby upside down and shake… abuse caught on CCTV) Hospital examination revealed that this baby's shoulder had been fractured.

Police investigated whether other babies cared for by the postpartum helper were also abused.

This is reporter Cho Hye-won of TJB.

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video of the abuse of a postpartum helper inflicted on a newborn baby in Daejeon attracted many netizens.

There has also been a petition from the Blue House saying that concerns about the health and trauma of newborns and, above all, serious punishment to prevent this from happening again.

As a result of hospital treatment, the victim is currently undergoing a close examination amid suspected shoulder fractures, and the mother is in a difficult state of breastfeeding due to shock and guilt due to reduced breast milk.

The Daejeon Police have applied for an arrest warrant for the postpartum helper, and the representative of the dispatched company is also investigating the construction by neglect of supervision.

In addition, since November last year, the postpartum helper has been conducting a thorough investigation of the newborns cared for and supporting victims such as psychological treatment.

The postpartum helper, which is a government-sponsored service, is applied through a recommendation company registered in a public health center, but the problem is that anyone can become a postpartum helper with only 60 hours of training.

Abuse prevention training has been added from this year, but it only takes 30 minutes a year.

[Government-designated postpartum helper education company: Postpartum managers are not yet licensed, but certificates, certificates that can be obtained in a short period of time come from the country.]

There is no way to prevent re-employment of postpartum helpers with a history of abuse.

It is pointed out that as the postpartum helper support business has grown quantitatively, the verification and management system must also be supported.