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infidels don't cry, but the infidels are coming, and "Don't come because my father will be doing beechoing this Chuseok."

I'm worried about the corona, so I ask you to refrain from coming down to your hometown this Chuseok.

To that end, the government decided to receive the expressway toll fee, which was exempted during the recent holiday, this Chuseok.

This is Jung Joon-ho.


Residents of Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, went out to the streets with their own hand signs.

It is campaigning to refrain from visiting hometown this Chuseok.

[Jeong Hyuk-seong/Jeonbuk Wanju-gun: Unfortunately.

But can't it be helped?

Because we have to live together.

See you next time.] As the

spread of the corona is seldom broken, each local government is even putting out a banner saying not to visit your hometown this year with a witty phrase in a savvy dialect.

Instead, I try to soothe longing through video calls.

[Hong Soon-Nam/Jeonbuk Wanju-gun: If the corona is quiet, come down for your mother's birthday.]

[Hong Sung-pyo/Youngest son:

Put on a

mask and wash your hands.

I'll go down after the holiday.]

Around the Chuseok holiday, the number of memorial parks is also increasing, which closes at all or limits the number of visitors and the time of visit.

[Jang Yun-ho/Memorial visitor: (During Chuseok holiday) I have to come back and wait for 50 people, so I came early because my father had a deadline.]

I decided to receive all the highway tolls, which were exempted during the holidays from 2017, this year. The Forest Service has decided not to open the forest road, which has been open every holiday, for the first time this year.

From the 21st, the online grave service will also be provided.

If you apply in advance on the website of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, you can set up a table and post a memorial message at the online memorial hall.

(Video coverage: Kim Dae-soo, Oh Young-chun, Yoo Ji-young JTV, Lee Chun-ki CJB, Video editing: Lee Seung-yeol) 

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