When the heavy rain warning went into effect on the night of July 23, the underpass of Choryang in Busan was flooded, causing a catastrophe in which three citizens died. 

However, that night, the minutes of the countermeasures meeting presided over by the representative authority of the mayor of Busan turned out to be'fake minutes' made by government officials as if they had even had a meeting. 

It was investigated that even fake meeting minutes were copied and pasted as they were in the so-called'copy+paste' method, and only a few places such as the date were changed. 

Busan City has been operating as an authorized representative of Busan Mayor Byeon Seong-wan after Mayor Oh Geo-don resigned on charges of sexual harassment of female employees in April. 

As a result of the investigation by the Busan Police Agency, it was revealed that a public official in Busan made the minutes and even reported it to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, as if a heavy rain warning was issued on the day of the accident, as if Acting Byeon had presided over the situation judgment meeting. 

At that time, Acting Byun did not return to the city hall after having dinner while drinking alcohol outside, and did not return to the city hall to preside over the meeting.After returning home, he did not sleep until the morning after receiving reports that the death was caused by flooding of the underground car. Police said it was investigated as sleeping. 

In connection with the investigation of the Choryang underground road inundation accident, the police said that they had sent Byeon Seong-wan, acting mayor of Busan, to the prosecution on charges of abandonment of work and the deputy head of the Busan Dong-gu Office on charges of negligence. 

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