Three years ago, when the son of Attorney General Choo Mi-ae was on vacation from the military, it was confirmed that the call records of the civil petition office of the Ministry of Defense at that time were not deleted and still remain.

It is known that the prosecution, who seized and searched the Ministry of Defense today (15th), secured related data.

Minister Choo Mi-ae said at the National Assembly yesterday that he had never called the Defense Ministry's complaints office, but the prosecution's investigation will reveal who and why.

Today’s first news, reporter Bae Jun-woo.


Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae, who attended the government question yesterday, said that he had never called the Defense Ministry's complaints office in June 2017, when his son was on vacation.

[Chu Mi-ae/Minister of Justice (Yesterday, question from the National Assembly’s government): I read it with such a trend that my parents would probably have done it if the phone called.

There is no fact that I called the Civil Affairs Office of the Ministry

of Defense

.] In the

meantime, the telephone recording file of the Civil Affairs Office of the Ministry of Defense was considered the key to reveal the truth.

This is because it is the key evidence that we can confirm whether there is a call to the military unit by the couple and former aide and what conversations they have had.

However, it seemed difficult to find out the truth as it was known to have been discarded after the retention period exceeded three years.

However, a high-ranking official from the Ministry of Defense said in a call with SBS, "At the time, the telephone recording file was deleted from the Ministry of Defense's Civil Service Call Center, but it remains on the main server."

The official said, "There may be multiple people who called," and said, "You should also compare the person who called you and the identity you left in the complaint room."

It is known that the prosecution confiscated and searched the Office of the Ministry of National Defense, the Office of Complaints and the Office of the National Defense Computing Intelligence Agency, and obtained related data.

[Gyeong-Doo Jung/Minister of Defense: I know that all of the recordings of calls and files have been preserved (the prosecution confiscated and searched them).] The

prosecution also seized and searched the information system management team, which is a unit directly under the army headquarters in Gyeryong University, Chungcheongnam-do


I did.

It is known to be in order to obtain documents related to the leave order for the unit where the son of Minister Chu was serving.

As soon as the data analysis is completed, the prosecution plans to call relevant people to investigate.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Ha Seong-won) 

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