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prosecution, who is investigating the suspicion of the son of Attorney General Choo Mi-ae, is seized and searched yesterday (15th) and is analyzing the data secured.

As of June 2017, when Minister Chu's son took a vacation, our interview results confirmed that over 1,500 call transcripts automatically recorded in the Ministry of Defense's Civil Affairs Office were the targets of the analysis.

The prosecution is comparing the contents of the transcript with the interviewee's identity remaining in the civil petition book at the time, checking who and why at the time.

The first news, reporter Bae Jun-woo.

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prosecution is speeding up the analysis of data confiscated by the Ministry of Defense and Army headquarters yesterday.

In particular, the civil petition office phone recording files stored on the main server of the Ministry of Defense are the main targets for analysis.

As a result of SBS coverage, it was confirmed that there were over 1,500 call recording files automatically recorded in the civil petition office of the Ministry of Defense in early and mid-June 2017.

The prosecution is comparing the contents of this transcript with the interviewee's identity and interview details recorded in the civil petition book at the time.

After the analysis, it seems likely that the caller is one of the Choo couple or a third party person.

[Chu Mi-ae/Minister of Justice (Yesterday, question of the National Assembly’s government): I read it with such a trend that my parents would have done it if the phone called.

There is no fact that I called the Civil Affairs Office of the Ministry of Defense.] The

prosecution does not expect the analysis of the recording file to take long.

In the midst of this, today's hearing on the candidates for Defense Minister Seo-wook was alleged that an anonymous military official said that the caller to the civil petition office was a woman.

[Shin Won-sik/People's Strength Congressman: Mr. Seo, I got a call anyway for inquiries or requests regarding the extension of the vacation, a woman.

When I check the facts, it is listed as the husband of Minister





Shin explained, "It is not clear whether the woman who made the phone call is Minister Chu."

In response, the defender of the son of Minister Chu criticized it as "a malicious claim" and "a cowardly political offensive using the immunity privileges of lawmakers."

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Ha Seong-won)