Yesterday (15th) at a convenience store in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, a scene rarely seen unfolds.

A vehicle rushing into the convenience store didn't stop there and wandered the interior as if it was going to destroy it all.

A woman in her thirties who was dissatisfied with a convenience store did it because of her pain, but it only stopped after the police shot a blank bullet.

This is Seo Dong-gyun reporter.

<Reporter> A

black car might retreat for a while, then rush toward the building next to it.

A convenience store on the 1st floor where the vehicle is aimed, and a convenience store turns into a mess in an instant.

The driver repeatedly moves forward and backward inside the convenience store, even threatening the patrol car that has been dispatched.

[Kim Seong-jin / Witness: The car was turning (inside) by rushing to the window.

There was a popping sound.

It is a dangerous situation.



At around 5:40 pm yesterday, a driver in his 30s drove to a convenience store in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province.

As the vehicle rushed to the front door of the convenience store, the interior of the convenience store as well as the windows were broken, but now it is blocked with wooden planks.

The police blocked the entrance of the convenience store with a patrol car and arrested the driver by shooting a blank bullet.

At the time of the accident, there were three people in the store, including the owner of a convenience store, but avoided serious injuries.

The driver of the vehicle is a woman in her thirties, and it is known that her child struck a convenience store after a quarrel with the owner when the contest work that her child was trying to send through the convenience store disappeared.

The police are investigating a woman in her 30s with a suspected special injury.