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scammer steals someone else's Coupang account, posts fake sales posts, and takes only money.

Despite this situation, Coupang cannot take any responsibility, saying that it was a direct transaction that was out of regulation.

Reporter Kim Ye-eun of UBC covered it.


A car center operator recently received hundreds of calls to inquire about the delivery of an unknown refrigerator.

I registered as a seller in Coupang to sell vehicle parts, but someone posted a sale of refrigerators with their ID.

They deceived buyers to deliver goods at low prices with stolen IDs, and then collected tens of millions of won by letting them deposit money with their account number.

[Mr. Kwon/Account theft victims: There may be many victims (in Coupang), I called and texted me to cancel the purchase and drop off the product, but I got two more calls (to the buyer) until today.]

When I entered the page where the victims bought it, I can still purchase it, but it is a special price product and is inducing contact before purchase.

About 40 people who were damaged by ordering home appliances that could not be delivered were confirmed, and one victim who deposited 3 million won said that he did not suspect fraud by notifying his individual account with a fake text message called Coupang Customer Center right after the inquiry. .

[Purchase Fraud Victim:'Are you hacking Coupang?'

This is something we couldn't imagine.

So I can't doubt it.]

However, the market side is not responsible for the damage to purchases made through individual accounts other than designated accounts.

In other open markets, as the victims of fraud that recently stolen the seller's ID have been followed, victims filed a national petition and asked the police to investigate.