Apple introduces two new iPad devices

The American company, Apple, announced today the launch of two new iPad computers, as it launched the eighth generation of the iPad, in addition to a new version of the iPad Air.

The company stated during its annual remote conference today, that "the eighth generation of the new iPad device will be available in the market next Friday on the 18th of September, at prices starting from 1,349 dirhams for the device that works with the" Wi-Fi "feature, while the devices that allow Cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi will be available at prices starting from AED 1,879.

She pointed out that the eighth generation of iPad comes with a 10.2-inch screen and an A12 Bionic processor, support for neural engine technology to meet the requirements of the new level of machine learning, including the ability to hide virtual objects with real people and track movement in Augmented reality applications, and advanced photo-editing capabilities.

The company revealed that the device is backed by an 8 mega pixel rear camera, and it also comes with an environmentally friendly design by making it from 100% recycled aluminum.

She explained that the new iPad Air will be available next October at prices starting at 2,499 dirhams for the Wi-Fi communication model, while the devices that allow cellular and Wi-Fi connections are available at prices starting from AED 3,029, and the device will be available in five colors, which are silver, space gray and gold. Pink, Green, and Sky Blue.

She pointed out that the device comes with a 10.9-inch screen and is supported by a 12-megapixel rear camera, in addition to a new "Touch ID" sensor integrated into the top button, and comes equipped with a processor from the A14 Bionic chip with a new neural engine technology with 16 Kernel, characterized by the double speed that enables it to carry out up to 11 trillion operations per second, to take machine learning applications to a new level of machine learning accelerators in the CPU and high-performance GPU, together to provide on-device experiences for image recognition and natural language learning , And motion analysis.