Five high school students without a driver's license rented a rental car and hit an oncoming car.

Three people died and four were injured.

The police are investigating the process of renting a rental car.

This is KBC reporter Ko Woori.

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black car is crumpled like a sheet of paper.

Firefighters look into the inside of an upside-down car to rescue.

In Sang-dong, Mokpo-si, a car with five high school students collided with a car running in the opposite lane.

In this accident, two students and a man in his 40s who called for a substitute driver to return home were killed, and four others, including other students and a substitute driver, were seriously injured.

[Family of the dead student: Yesterday's (dead student) birthday, so I guess I met my favorite friends and rented a



All the students in the car are minors who are in the second year of high school and cannot obtain a driver's license.

The police are investigating a car rental company as they believe they used the driver's license they picked up on the road to borrow the car.

[Police official: (one car) went normally, and one car crossed the center line and was shocked. If high school students are unlicensed and check (how they rented a car), it will come to a conclusion soon.] In the

past five years from 2015, there have been over 400 cases of accidents while renting a car rental by teenagers without a driver's license.

Eight people died and more than 700 people were injured.

(Video coverage: Domin Park KBC)