Although the PC cafe industry was excluded from high-risk facilities on the 14th and opened its business on the 14th, it expressed a welcome sign, but strongly opposed the ban on the entry of minors and the sale of food.

The PC Cafe Special Countermeasures Committee held a press conference in front of the Seoul National Assembly this afternoon, and said, "On behalf of the industry, the announcement of the previous day's announcement of the second stage of social distancing measures to exclude PC rooms from high-risk facilities." Revealed.

However, with conditions such as prohibition of entry to minors, seats floating, and prohibition of food sales and consumption as operating conditions, he said, "I feel too frustrated with the operating conditions of the PC room." "What is the difference between saying that conditions are not allowed to do business with the door open?"

The countermeasures committee said, "Unlike other industries, the PC room has a short stay, and the seats are composed of internal partitions surrounded by'c' characters. Even if they talk, they wear masks and rarely talk face to face." It is an environment that can be protected from ".

The Task Force recently expressed dissatisfaction with the government's second disaster support plan.

According to this, PC cafes can receive 2 million won for businesses that have been discontinued.

The countermeasures committee said, "The average monthly rent for a PC room costs about 3 million to 4 million won, and about 10 million won per month such as electricity and water taxes." Raised.

“We cannot but raise a strong question on what basis of calculation the amount of 2 million won was set,” he said. “As the damage is large, the amount of support should be large,” he asked.

In addition, he asked, "Please actively review the 2nd Disaster Subsidy so that it can actually help with fixed costs and living expenses."

(Photo = Provided by the PC Room Special Countermeasures Committee, Yonhap News)