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Daegu, 11 people who had contact with church members who had been infected with a group were also confirmed as a group.

Initially, it was tested negative and self-isolation, but just before the release of containment, the last test tested positive.

This is TBC reporter Han Hyun-ho.

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were a number of confirmed cases related to the Sarang Church in Dong-gu, Daegu.

There are 14 new confirmed cases in Daegu, and 11 of them are contacts with SaRang Church members.

They were initially tested negative and then confirmed by tests before self-isolation.

As a result, the number of confirmed cases related to the SaRang Church has increased to 55 so far.

There is a possibility that the number of confirmed cases will increase further as the number of self-containers alone reaches 250, and there are many cases of being confirmed by tests before quarantine.

[Kim Jae-dong/Daegu City Citizen Health Bureau Director: There are many cases where self-isolated contacts change from negative to positive.

We hope that these people will strictly observe self-isolation...

.] The number of

confirmed cases related to cordyceps and camphor ginseng business briefings increased.

On the 29th of last month, a man in his 50s who came in contact with a confirmed patient who attended a business briefing in Cordyceps was confirmed, and two people in their 60s in Daegu and a man in their 60s living in Pohang were positive.

In particular, a male confirmed patient in his 60s in Daegu operates a Jangnoesam office in Jung-gu, Daegu.

[Neighboring Residents: People asked why it was so crowded, and they said it was confirmed. There weren't a lot of people here, here.]

Daegu City urged citizens who visited this office run by the confirmed patient to refrain from going out and undergo an examination from the 5th to the 11th of this month.

(Video coverage: Namyong Kim TBC)