Microsoft fixes more than 120 vulnerabilities in Windows 10 -


The Redmond firm has just released its new monthly corrective patch.

A new edition of Patch Tuesday which fixes 129 vulnerabilities within Windows 10. Among these, 32 vulnerabilities were classified as risks of remote code execution of which 20 were qualified as critical, the highest rating on Microsoft's bug dangerousness scale.

The September 2020 edition of Patch Tuesday therefore brings fixes for relatively worrying security vulnerabilities.

Some relate to systems installed on corporate networks.

If they are exploited, the damage could be significant.

This is why it is obviously advisable to install the new Microsoft security patch.

To install urgently

If the Redmond firm is careful not to give too many details when publishing a new patch, hackers rely on Microsoft's statements to seek and find the more interesting flaws, in order to exploit them before users download the fixes.

In other words, it is better not to delay before installing Patch Tuesday once it has been made public.


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