GamePass subscribers to get free access to all EA games -


Microsoft's unlimited gaming offer will soon be enhanced with the addition of access to the entire catalog of EA Play, Electronic Arts' streaming service.

The 10 million GamePass subscribers will have unlimited access to the entire EA Play catalog from their PC or console.

They will be able to explore Electronic Arts' 60+ game catalog, which includes many classics including the

Mass Effect



The Sims 3


Titanfall 1 & 2

, and some new additions to the catalog like the recent FIFA 20,

Star Wars : Squadrons


Need for Speed ​​Heat


Like GamePass games, EA Play titles can be streamed from a smartphone or tablet via the Gamepass app.

A first

This is the first merger between two streaming platforms for gamers.

Until then, all the actors were apart.

The success of the Gamepass, however, encouraged many publishers to approach Microsoft.

Since its launch, the service has attracted more than 10 million paying subscribers.

Today it is at the heart of Microsoft's strategy in the gaming sector.

Microsoft has also announced that the Game Pass app for PC and Xbox will be available worldwide starting September 17.


The Game Pass will be available on September 15 on Android smartphones


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